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Our universe is a puzzle that we may never solve. Within it lies a vast expanse of unknown, good and bad, that humanity has simply been flung into. We are small and vulnerable, death always waiting for us, yet there is so much possibility beyond our planet. Inevitable Chaos is a reflection of the bittersweet balance between excitement and fear that comes when we consider our place amongst the universe. These utilitarian objects are meant to spark conversation, digestion, and distraction from themes of cosmic insignificance, memento mori, and existential dread. By coiling, throwing, and altering these forms, then layering glazes and stencils overtop the textures of the surfaces, these pieces invoke the beautiful and scary chaos that exists beyond the atmosphere above us. They are intended to be viewed and discussed like art, but also used in the everyday, a constant yet subtle reminder of humanity’s mortality. Please consider function and purpose, both in the work and in yourself, when you observe these objects. We are explorers, but we will never be able to explore everything. We must appreciate and contemplate what we know and do not know.

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