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The emergence of a global pandemic lasting over two years has forced many to reflect on the path they are on, the life they are living, and the choices they have made. There has been a massive amount of transitional periods, whether in career, lifestyle, location, or relationship, that has led to ideas of doubt, loneliness, and angst towards individual positions in life and in the cosmos.

"Today I am afraid" is a series of five vessels each depicting an anxiety or fear stemming from the notion of existential dread and the questions that it forces us to ask of ourselves. Fear of death, of isolation, of the unknown, doubting ourselves and our choices and fearing the inevitability of our time of existence running out all serve as a reminder of our mortality and our insignificance on the cosmic scale. 

These vessels serve to reflect on these concerns and how they occupy space in our thoughts and in our hearts and affect the way we are able to live and thrive. Freedom of the mind is the ability to live life unaffected and unbound by these worries and embracing them as part of our existence. 

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