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Drink Me, Variation 1, Fish Fare, 2020

10" x 7" x 8"

104 Red Clay With Grog, ^05 Glaze

Conversation Coasters, Variation 1, Contain, 2020

4" x 4" x 2"

104 Red Clay With Grog, ^05 Glaze

"Drink Me" explores the concept of elevating mundane, everyday life experiences into something sculptural, ceremonial, and performative. As drinking is an activity that we do everyday, multiple times a day, I chose to create vessels designed to be drunk out of in a way that invokes a performative gesture and explores the sense of touch using unique form. By drinking from the fish as well, the gesture becomes more uncanny and surreal. 


"Conversation Coasters" serves as an extension to the series "Drink Me", continuing in the exploration of intermixing sculptural and utilitarian objects. These coasters fit the specific cups created in the "Drink Me" series and serve to add narrative and extend the context of the vessels. The bowl represents an exaggeratedly small fish bowl in which a real household pet might live. 


first sketch

Fish Detail 2.jpg
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